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One of India’s leading Keynote speaker, Amit Jadhav has built his career on four pillars; Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Speaking and Digital.

It’s been 16 long years to make him what he is today. Technology has been the core essence to what his life is today. All three ventures that he has started are conclusively different from each other but that’s what Amit believes into - exploit yourself to the fullest the universe is waiting for a great awakening in you than what you are today. Amit is most talked about for this Internet of things, Reclaim the Life You Deserve, Social selling, Social Media keynotes delivered all over India. Just as a passion he continues to accept coaching assignment for 16 weekends of the year. Invited by best chamber of commerce and fortune 500 companies you can’t keep him away from giving you the latest and comprehensive content in all his workshops. The audience are engaged and organizers thrilled so much so that for few he has been called year after year to deliver his talk. Profile

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